Why LINKSUN Baltic.

We know solar cells.


El av Sol

Let our experts
calculate the efficiency
of your installation

Make money on your roofs.

A photovoltaic system gives you the opportunity to produce large amounts of electricity that can supply your business. By investing in solar cells, the value of the property increases at the same time as it reduces your electricity bill from day one. You also become self-sufficient and less sensitive to electricity price increases. We always start from your annual consumption and adapt the photovoltaic system to your specific conditions


We know solar modules.

What sets us apart from many other installers is that we know solar energy only on a large scale. We understand the importance of requirement specifications, safety, documentation and guarantees.



We have long experience, great knowledge and only work with high quality systems with long service life. In addition, we only use experienced fitters and electricians.


Overall responsibility.

We take overall responsibility for the entire delivery. Everything from design to assembly, installation and commissioning. In addition, everything you need for a complete facility is included.


Latest technology.

Our photovoltaic systems use the best equipment the market has to offer. This means that you get the most out of your facility.


Personal service.

With us as a partner, you can feel safe and taken care of before, during and after delivery. We have a personal contact throughout the process, are easily available for support and offer service agreements after installation.


Always updated.

We stay constantly updated on rules and requirements from authorities. In the same way, we keep up to date with current product news, to be sure that we deliver the market’s best and most modern solar energy solution.