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LINKSUN Baltic designs and installs complete photovoltaic systems for industry companies, real estate owners, and farmers.

In a smooth, simple and professional way, we help you produce your own electricity. We offer everything from planning and design to installation and commissioning. Our great know-how, our accuracy and our customer focus have ensured that our group of companies is a leading solar energy player in Scandinavia and quikcly growing in other European countries. We work directly with biggest and best equipment manufacturers in the world. Our and our supplier‘s financial strength, long-term thinking and ownership structure are of the utmost importance in order to meet the guarantee requirements. Quality, a high level of service and a focus on customer satisfaction are very important to us, something our references are happy to testify to. Contact us and we will tell you more about how well a solar energy system works and what solutions we can tailor for your particular roof!


To work at LINKSUN Baltic.

We offer a caring workplace with many opportunities for personal and professional development while you make a meaningful contribution to both people and the environment. We trust everyone’s ability to collaborate, develop and take responsibility for achieving the common goals, regardless of their task or role. Are you a person who likes to do a really good job, lead yourself, influence the whole company and want to work with something meaningful and fun? LINKSUN Baltic is the place for you.


Why LINKSUN Baltic.

LINKSUN Baltic are experts in solar energy for property owners, industry, and agriculture. If you have a large roof or plots of land land – we have a solution! We are with you all the way – from start to turnkey facility. Let our solar experts calculate your environmental impact and tailor the best solution for your business.