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We help you produce your own electricity.

You as a customer should feel safe and secure that you make the right choice when you choose us. We always adapt our offers so that you certainly get a return on your investment. We also make sure to follow up our work to ensure that your expectations are met. Whether it is a larger photovoltaic instalation in the field or one that covers your company‘s roof – we help you produce and benefit from your electricity in a simple and professional way.

Solar modules.

Solar energy is cheap, renewable and simple. It is the most important source of energy for our time and the future. We offer a variety of photovoltaic systems adapted to your needs and conditions and work exclusively with world-leading manufacturers. It means a product of the highest quality that performs consistently throughout its life.

String installation and optimisers.

Among the various solar cell solutions, there are some lasting alternatives that are worth knowing. Solar cells that are connected in series are called strings and are affected by each other. This means that if one of the solar panels in the string is shaded, the performance of the other panels will be worse. The solution to this is called an optimizer, or microinverter, and is installed under each individual solar panel. It allows the panels to perform individually and ensures that your photovoltaic system is not as sensitive to shading.