A bright future.

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LINKSUN Baltic is part of Swedish owned “El av Sol„ group of companies. We are operating in Lithuania since 2020.

sunlight to energy

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electricity costs

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With us, you can produce your own environmentally friendly electricity.

Investing in solar energy is one of the best things you can do – both for your finances and our planet. With us at LINKSUN Baltic, you can increase the future value of your business simultaneously contributing to a more sustainable future. Whether you run a factory, farm, or own a larger property, we help you produce your own environmentally friendly energy – from start to turnkey facility.

Produce your own. eco-friendly electricity.

Why LINKSUN Baltic?

LINKSUN Baltic are experts in solar power lants for industry, agriculture, owners of real estate. If you have a large roof, we have a solution! We are with you all the way – from start to turnkey facility. Let our experts calculate your environmental impact and tailor the best solution for your business.

Become a sun hero. 

Why solar cells?

Solar modules are better for the environment than other forms of electricity production. At the same time as the environmental impact of your properties decreases, a transition to solar cells also means that your property company gets a clearer image as environmentally friendly and forward-looking.

the sun delivers. you produce.

This is how it works.

  1. Electricity is generated whether the sun is shinning or it is cloudy.

  2. Solar modules absorb the Sun’s energy and produce weak direct current.

  3. The inverter converts direct current to alternating current.

  4. The electricity is connected to the property’s power station, where it is consumed.

  5. The electricity that is not consumed is passed on to the electricity grid and is returned when you need it, or is purchased by your electricity supplier. During the times when your solar electricity production is lower than your consumption, you buy electricity from your electricity company just as usual.



We will meet at a first meeting and go through your needs and conditions so that you can make a decision.





Energy experts at our design department present a unique solution, specially developed for you. Based on that, you can then make a well-thought-out decision.



The project is planned in detail so that everything is in place and ready to start. We have secured all the necessary permits and have well trained personel ready to begin working.



Construction is gaining momentum – soon your solar modules will be installed and ready.



We go through operation, safety and do a comprehensive inspection of the plant. You can also sign a service agreement with us, so that we can take responsibility for your daily monitoring.



You now produce your own electricity. Sit back and save on both – your money and the environment.

the sun delivers. you produce.

Solar news.

Are you curious about the latest in solar energy? Here you can read about new environmentally friendly materials for solar panels, parliamentary decisions that affect solar production, solar cells in property owners and much more.


For 8+ years the company has worked exclusively on large commercial installations and has commissioned 30 MW of solar power plants.

a bright future. thanks to the sun.

Meet our solar heroes.

Anders Allöv, Ramboll & Thomas Cajander, Hemsö

High requirements for solar energy installations

Per Watz, Husby gård i Kvicksund

Solar cells on a poultry farm

Micael Ljungström, Ferrita Sweden AB

1600 m² of solar cells in Köping